Our Proud Clients
General Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
What is XpertCapture?

XpertCapture is a integrated system that

-> Order
-> Sales
-> Doctor Call Report
-> Field Manager Approval

-> Pharmaceuticals and
-> FMCG based Sales & Distribution companies

-> Web Form
-> Java Mobile and
-> Android based mobile

To Deliver:
Real time digital data using various data visualization tools and native format.

Current State /Problem Description

-> Manual order capturing
-> Extra overhead in stationary cost (Paper, printing)
-> Extra overhead on new product arrival
-> Data entry operator cost
-> Ineffective Doctor Call Report
-> Ineffective use of field forces
-> Inefficient and time consuming order capturing
-> Extra time overhead for data processing
-> Lack of real time overall data visualization
-> No real time data report.
-> No Central Stock Report
-> No Field Force KPI Report
-> No central MIS Reporting system

Proposed Approach

To gain a single, enterprise-wide view of the customer, companies are turning to centralized web based solutions. XpertCapture is a centralized web based capturing solution that allows you to capture order, Doctor Call, sales or any other transactions. It will allow you get the transaction data digitally and immediately. XpertCapture dashboard will show you real time data using various interactive charts and data visualization tools for easy analysis. Based on this data you can easily make your next business critical decision.

What you need to Consider?

First consider following questions before considering changing your current order capturing system.
Can you tell me:
    -> Right now, what is your national stock?
    -> Right now, what is your national sales amount?
    -> How long you need to wait to get the collected order sheets in remote area?
May be, it will take a while to collect the data and prepare the reports and sometimes it may take a day.

So, how the XpertCapture is different from your current system
    -> XpertCapture provides you a real time live dashboard which will show you latest sales and stock values both national and depot wise.
    -> XpertCapture provides you the most recent field force movement and their activities
    -> XpertCapture provides you most recent or latest any kinds of your business data

Are we demanding a high price for this solution?

Before considering the cost of our solution, first consider the following questions

    1. How much do you pay for order book printing for a Field Force for a month?
    2. How much do you pay for the data entry operators in Depot to entry the order data from the order sheet?
    3. How many men power have involvement to collect the data and prepare the MIS reporting?

So, what is the value proposition of XpertCapture?

Just consider a single point to make your decision
XpertCapture costs only BDT 80 per month per field force which is less than your current expense for paper and printing for a field force for a month. So consider what you are getting by expending the same amount of your current paper and printing cost.

How we are Different?

We are different from our competitors, because
We don’t address a part of a solution; we address a complete solution with
    -> Order Capturing
    -> Doctor Call Reporting
    -> Field Manager Monitoring
    -> Stock Reporting
    -> Inventory Management
    -> KPI Reporting and
    -> Distributor Management System(DMS) works both offline and online mode
    -> Complete centralized MIS reporting

We are too much concern to reduce the client’s overall cost:
    -> By providing lightweight, efficient but powerful solution which runs on low cost devices
    -> By providing low bandwidth consuming solution which runs in low internet bandwidth and consumes low internet cost.
    -> By offering user per month subscription and no upfront cost which provides clients an affordable price for our solution.
    -> By providing server infrastructure and maintenance cost and supports, we reduce client’s server infrastructure, installation and maintenance cost.

Key Components

XpertCapture Lite :
Mobile based application for capturing Order, Doctor Call, Approval and mobile reporting.

XpertCapture Core:
Web based portal for Field Force Management, Product Management, Doctor Management, Market Management, Chemist or Customer Management and other basic data management. It also provides Web based Order Entry, Invoicing, Reporting and real time live dashboard. It also contains the core data service.

Additional Features:
-> Executive Dashboard
Provides visual interactive representation of company’s National Summary, Company’s progress using line graphs, Depot wise Comparison, Brand wise Comparison, Product and Brand wise national stock which is useful for executive level meeting presentation.

-> Geo Location based Dashboard
Provides data visualization on an interactive map, based on geo location like division, district and thana.

-> KPI Management
Provide a way to upload field force wise monthly target and get the KPI report with achievement of the field force mobile as well as web.

-> Distributor Management System(DMS)
It is a Rich Internet Business(RIA) application for Order Entry and Invoicing and other DMS related activities. It works in disconnected mode and sync the local data with central when internet connection is available. There is no hassle of installation Database Server and Application.

-> Inventory Management
It has two parts.
1. Stock reporting in mobile: Field force will be able to check product stock from his mobile application on Order Capturing.
2. Stock Analysis: It suggests the stock requirement of a depot for a month or for a period of time line based on previous 3 month’s sales and promotion and provides the workflow for issue stock, receive stock and transfer stock.